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Radicaltek 4.0 thanks to its decades of experience in air treatment with the most advanced technology is able to provide, to install and maintain over time innovative and customized sanitation systems with biocidal features h 24/7 capable of eliminating pathogenic micro-organisms from surfaces, tissues and air, coronavirus, mold, bacteria and IPA resetting human intervention in sanitization process.

Radicaltek 4.0 use the photocatalysis process.
The physical process RCI – FEO (ionizing catalytic radiation – heterogeneous oxidant photocatalysis) consists of an ambient air current that passes through an aspiration system, the photocatalytic device consisting of a low-power ultraviolet radiation generating lamp, which radiating from very close range a large surfase, porous honeycomb surface of a powerful catalyst, consisting of titanium dioxide alloy metal squares, specially produced with nano-tubular surface, transforms the humidity of the air into a complex of hydroxyl radicals.