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Technological evolution in the management of atmospheric pollution problems.

Technology, supports us on what are called “market strategies”, in fact, technological development will give a tangible demonstration of the progress that users will be able to verify and use, using completely natural systems.

The increased demand for this type of technology and the constant collaboration with Kleanland will make more usable the use of equipment giving the best possible service to customers.

Formerly known as Blue Sky during 1992-2002, nowadays a National High Tech Enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, KLEAN has over a quarter century of experience in designing and manufacturing electrostatic precipitators or ESP’s for controlling exhaust emissions.

In the past 27 years, KLEAN has progressively introduced into the markets electrostatic air cleaners for commercial kitchen exhaust systems, oil mist collectors for industrial processes, smoke and dust filters for road tunnels, etc, all of which are independently designed with proprietary patents. As of May, 2020, 188 patents have been granted to KLEAN. Also, our best-selling electrostatic air cleaners have been CE and UL listed, and our production is ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certified. We’ve also chaired or actively involved in the preparation of municipal, provincial and national regulations and standards.