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Slide Francesco Chiari Air is the primary nourishment of man
animals and plants.
Slide Gary Snyder Nature is not a place to visit.
It is our home.
Slide Albert Einstein Rejoice with your family
in the beautiful land of life.
Slide Gandhi We have to become the change
we want to see.
Slide Socrate The secret of change is to focus
all of your energy not on fighting the old
but on building the new.

ANIMA 2 Mission “To provide the best possible service” to do our best to create a world where we take better care of the environment, the planet’s resources and people. We are aware that it is a continuous commitment and we work hard to contribute and find the best natural solution.

Our Services

Feasibility Study
As a result of the calculations and the data obtained, a simulation will be made to obtain an exact calculation of the investments to be proposed to the customer according to an optimal result in the value for money.
Project Analysis
Depending on the merchandise reality of the buyer, we will have to carefully interview the customer to provide an analysis on all the problems that must be solved through the use of systems.
On the basis of the forms of collaboration, with the various distributors who will represent us in the world, to make them autonomous in their work, after a training course, it will be necessary to support directly in the field to verify both the technical and exhibition learning status.
Environmental Analysis
To give a qualitative form, which can tangibly demonstrate the quality of the results of our products, we can, through practical advice from our collaborators, treat the environment before and after the interventions with consequent "Accredia" certification.
Installation and maintenance
When the systems are put into operation, a rough schedule for programming will be established by the installers.
Pre and Post Sales Services
We guarantee our customers pre and post sales assistance and advice, both for individual purchases and for bulk orders.


Via Dante Alighieri, 3
20016 Pero (Mi) • Italy
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